Why it Works in Texas

Why it Works in Texas


Written by SleeplessByTheSea
Longest serving governor in
Texas’ history
Over the past month, I have received several requests from friends in other places for my opinion of our governor. Here’s my answer. Rick Perry is a decent man, despite the fact that he is a career politician. He didn’t start out that way.
He started out as a hard working young lad, on his Dad’s ranch. Then he joined the USAF, served, and worked his way to the rank of Captain.  He attended Texas A & M University, and later entered the world of politics. He is a family man, married with two grown children, and he is a professed and practicing Christian.
Has he done everything right in Texas? No!  Of course not. Nobody is right all of the time.  But, he has the leadership skills to guide our state in the right direction, and that is what is paramount in a leader. Most of us here in Texas don’t pay a whole lot of attention to the everyday workings of our state for the simple fact that we rely on those we’ve elected to do what we hired them to do. And, when they don’t do it, we replace them.
The fact that Perry is now the longest serving governor in our state, now serving in his 3rd, 4 year term, ought to tell you that he is a successful and reliable leader. Our state is solvent, and our state is growing. It’s been growing since I moved here back in the early 70’s. It’s a trend simply because our state affords people to live their lives, to do what they want, without being over-taxed or over-burdened by government.
Texas is big, and we have a lot of everything here, from the windswept plains of west Texas, to the large, sprawling skyscraper buildings that define our big cities. Many of us here are implants. We came, we saw, we stayed. We have many, many millionaires here, but not nearly as many as we do lower income families, many of which have relocated here from not only our southern border, but abroad.  ( I am referring to the legal ones, mind you!).
We get along in an amicable fashion, and go about our own business of living and raising our families. The millionaires provide most of the jobs and the citizens reap their rewards, and are able to provide for their families, and plan for their future. Perry wisely knows that bringing new businesses into our state only enhances the the employment climate for the entire state.
When we personally met Gov. Perry at a luncheon gathering last fall, he told us how they were continuing to work hard to bring in businesses that were looking to relocate, such as Caterpillar.  And just last year, the new Toyota assembly plant opened just south of San Antonio. You don’t see our governor outsourcing any jobs, and you never will!
Perry is a reliable, proven leader, not afraid to tackle hard tasks. Some of the skills that I feel make him a good leader are his convictions. (He believes what he says, and he’s not afraid to say it.) And his religion; he is a man of faith and not timid about sharing it and relying on it.  He does not force his faith on others, but is willing to encourage it.
I mention above that he’s not afraid to admit mistakes. He made one a few years ago about trying to insist our young girls were required to have a vaccine against a deadly disease which caused uterine cancer.  Our citizens set him straight. That was crossing a line, and he admitted his error. That is not easy for a politician to do.  But, it is admirable when they do.
 Perry believes in relying on your own resources. He would not be allowing other countries to have leases to them, rather than us reap their benefits.  He also believes in less government in our lives and as few taxes as possible to keep what government we have running smoothly. We have no income tax in Texas, and Perry doesn’t plan on changing that.
If this all sounds like an endorsement for Perry, I guess it is.   I see him as the best candidate that has been willing to tackle the mess in DC to date.  And I believe he’d do everything in his power to stick to his word.  What you see with Perry is what you get.
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