Terrified, Wild-Eyed Liberals

Terrified, Wild-Eyed Liberals


The End of a Stranglehold?

Herman Cain represents everything the left has long feared, that being his potential catalyst status for the end of liberal dominance over black America. The liberal media pundits have taken on this tender subject en force, from Lawrence O’Donnell to Ed Schultz to Janeane Garafolo. All of them, and more, are petrified that Herman Cain is about to expose the greatest lie ever told.

My goodness, the liberal left in all its manifestations is reacting as though some stranger is poised to spill the beans to their children that Santa Clause doesn’t really exist. Herman Cain is being compared to the Grinch, the ogre who tried
to steal Christmas from the Whos in Whoville. I suppose there is a modicum of merit in such a comparison, because Herman Cain is about to blow the lid off of the entire cottage industry the Democrats and their cohorts have profited from all these years.

The big difference here, however, is that the Whos that have run our urban areas like the slumlords they truly are bear little resemblance to the storybook Whos, whose purity was unassailable and therefore immune to the whims of the evil Grinch. And Herman in that role is not the evil entity Dr. Seuss intended but, rather, the savior who will ultimately free the denizens of our inner cities, if only they will accept the message.

The usual MSNBC suspects are working overtime — and themselves into quite a froth — to portray Herman Cain as some sort of Al Jolson, the famous vaudeville white guy who wore black face makeup. The lily-white Lawrence O’Donnell had the temerity to try to school Mr. Cain on how to be genuinely black, and he of the scrunchy-face, Ed Schultz, is busy shrieking about the alleged racism of any conservative who dares to endorse Herman Cain.

Yet the abject fear on the collective countenance of the left is undeniable, revealing the horror they anticipate if the floodgates are ever opened and their wards ultimately permitted to see the light of the true dawn, a morning that does not include the boot of their benevolence. They see the real possibility of their power being cast into the winds of veracity, and they tremble.

Liberal Dream Team

As the architects of apartheid, the liberals are simultaneously trying to steer the Republican voting base toward the man they believe has the best chance of losing to Obama in 2012, Mitt Romney. Just as they foisted John McCain on us in the run up to the 2008 elections, so do they wish to repeat the trick. Of course, once that goal is accomplished and Romney is the nominee, the left will turn its venom on him with a vengeance.

Part of the strategy, I maintain, is to preserve the myth that the Republican Party is the party of whites only, a notion they have managed to manipulate by revising history textbooks. Because Herman Cain happens to be black, the left will propagate the lie that he is being used as a sort of shield for Republican racism. There is no lie they won’t tell as long as they can prevent a successful, self-made black man from rising to the Oval Office as a Republican.

Such a feat would shatter the illusion carefully crafted by Democrats and the rest of the left that blacks cannot succeed without the tender loving care of a Democrat-controlled government. For that reason — and with thirteen months before the election — expect the attacks on Herman Cain to dwarf those the left perpetrated on Sarah Palin in the last election cycle. They will do everything in their power to destroy the man with virtually no outcry from the main stream media. In fact, that media will be actively aiding and abetting the process.

Hypocritically, expect the issue of political experience to creep into the dialogue at some point, especially if Cain doesn’t fade into the pack toward the end of the campaign season, despite the fact that Obama had only slightly more than Herman Cain. That is a problem with an easy remedy should Cain win the nomination; pick the former Speaker of the House as a running mate. Newt Gingrich would erase any worries about how a President Cain would navigate the tricky sea of dealing with both chambers of Congress, and Cain could focus more on his forte which is the economy.

But that is something for much farther down the road. For now, look for the Lawrence O’Donnell-types to really ratchet up the racial attacks on Herman Cain in the hopes of delegitimizing him as quickly as possible. After all, the left has much to lose, and black Americans much to gain. The left simply can’t have that.

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