Five Day Warning

Five Day Warning


It Was Telegraphed

Giving a speech in 2008, just five days before Election night, candidate Barack Hussein Obama uttered his final warning to America; “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming America!” That was the moment that punctuated all of the previous warnings from the legions of bloggers like myself, and the more in depth probings of the few remaining news outlets that have not been co-opted by the State.

In what may be considered a strange coincidence, it was the day before Halloween when Obama uttered those words, and the fright has not ended since.

In the interval between that speech and the night that voters actually pulled the levers — or impregnated their chads, depending on geography — we still had time and validation in our favor to save this nation. Sadly, that opportunity knocked until its knuckles bled.

Once those ballots were cast, and Obama was elected, it was like Sauron had finally obtained the ring. All of the preparations were carefully and meticulously taken, all the pieces were in place, and the “fundamental transformation” was now just a matter of flipping the proverbial switch.

Since the 1950’s, after the socialists and communists failed to do what Obama is now credited with, the methodology was changed to one of subterfuge and covert planning. My grandfather used to warn me again and again that the communists would take us without firing a single shot, and he was right.

Leftists went below the radar and began subverting our young through the Board of Education, molding the minds of our children into idiots who only knew the greatness of the agenda. Facts and history be damned, only the lies of the State are truth. Don’t believe it? The Right Scoop has a very telling video in which a former Soviet subject encounters some of the products of public education. That video can be seen here.

The Idol of “Occupy”

To the people occupying Wall Street, Ronald Reagan was a villain and Che Guevara is a hero. And North Korea is a wonderful place with full employment and high wages. The former resident of the now defunct U.S.S.R. tried to tell these people of the true horrors of living in a communist state, but they scoffed at him. “Stop telling the truth!”, they seemed to say.

George Orwell once said:

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

I guess that makes the TEA Party truly revolutionary, because Washington, D.C. and our schools are cesspools of deceit that have overflowed into the streets where protesters dwell.

Through all of this, America still stands, albeit while clinging precariously to the corner ropes on wobbly knees. We haven’t hit the canvass yet, however, and we now find ourselves with 369 days — considerably more than the five Obama gave us three years ago — to make amends and set this ship right. Opportunity’s knuckles have since healed; let’s not make it knock unheeded this time around.

Unlike the poor dupes in the video above — who wouldn’t believe the experience of another — we have but to look around us in our own personal experience to see the product of socialism. What you see is just a drop on the tip of the tongue. Do you want an entire mouthful of this? For those old enough to remember, compare what you see today to the days of Reagan, and begin thinking about your decision a year from now.

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