Herman Cain Called It: Here Come the WiFi Nooses

Herman Cain Called It: Here Come the WiFi Nooses


Here we go again

Brace yourselves for some heightened hypocrisy and delirious demagoguery, because the liberal press has decided once again to engage in what Herman Cain referred to as a “high tech lynching”. Examples of hypocrisy will abound, from the sudden feigned outrage by the defenders of Bill Clinton over an allegation of “inappropriate behavior” — a rather subjective term, especially when compared to the hard evidence of a semen stain — to the revived curiosity about a candidate’s past, something that saw it’s inception only after Obama had won the nomination.

Remember how incurious was the media concerning all of the mystery that swirled around then-candidate Obama, and compare that to the legions of reporters who descended on a small Alaska town to go dumpster diving in pursuit of whatever garbage could be found on Sarah Palin. And of course, never forget the treatment of Clarence Thomas during his nomination process to the Supreme Court.

That treatment, and the instant notoriety it afforded Anita Hill, is about to be recreated in all its ugliness, just as Herman Cain prophetically predicted, only this time, it will be served with a heaping side dish of audacity. It will be interesting — to eminently downplay the actual adjective — to see the most ardent defenders of Bill Clinton in the aftermath of the Monica Lewinsky affair (pardon the pun) suddenly and hysterically attempt to convince voters that Herman Cain is unfit to run for president, especially when based on speculation. Keep in mind that that speculation concerns a rather ambiguous charge, as well.

Politico’s crack investigative team has “unearthed” some charges brought against Herman Cain back in the 1990’s which ironically coincide with Bill and Monica’s woes. But one must wonder again; where were these investigators in 2007 and 2008, when Obama was running for president, and his past seemed obviously murky? Surely the team members couldn’tall fit into the dumpsters of Wasilla. Maybe the rest were all on line at said dumpsters.

What we’re really seeing here is page one of the leftist’s playbook regarding winning elections. Just as the media and the open primaries process herded John McCain toward the nomination in 2008, so are they trying to foist Romney upon us. But Herman Cain is not about to lay down and let that happen without a fight, so now the left — afraid that Cain may be more serious than they originally believed — will run him down and flatten him.

Once that mission is accomplished, and the mission of nominating Romney is complete, they will train their sights on Romney. Some newspaper is probably already sitting on a story just waiting for the appropriate time to unveil it to hurt Romney. That is precisely what the New York Times tried to do to McCain after they had propped him up on their pages like a bowling pin. That backfired on the Times because the story turned out to be false. It was a brazen attempt at king making, however.

It must also be remembered that it wasn’t until after McCain selected Sarah Palin that the attacks became more virulent. It was perfect because the other news outlets that also praised McCain were now free to attack his campaign through Palin without appearing as two-faced as the Times had.

So now, as Herman Cain becomes ever more frightening to the liberal establishment, he will suffer the slings and arrows of vitriol and viciousness both in an attempt to run him out of the campaign and get back to the task of building their rickety pedestal for Mitt Romney. The media doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process, especially Cain’s wife who will undoubtedly be peppered with questions when she eventually joins the candidate on the trail.

As for Politico, they claim to have verified the identities of Cain’s alleged accusers but, conveniently, the names are being withheld. So Cain was right after all in his prediction of the attacks to come. As Jeffrey Lord of American Spectator puts it, High Tech Lynching: The Sequel Starring Herman Cain. Perfect.

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